Personalised, tailored sessions perfectly planned for each student

One-to-one sessions make excellent use of immediate feedback, with the attention of the tutor for the whole of the session. Students have the chance to ask all the questions they have, learning in their own unique ways, guided through each step of a process designed for their success. 

A learning record is completed at the end of each session, with time for student reflection, tutor praise, and targets for the next session. Homework is provided to consolidate learning. 

Contact for pricing of 55-minute one-to-one sessions

Focused core skills sessions with other lovely learners

With a maximum group size of 4 students, all working toward similar goals, small group sessions are a fantastic way to learn new ways to approach problems, develop core skills, build confidence in a more focused environment, and enjoy working with peers, before taking all of this back to the classroom.

Students can join an existing timetabled group, parents can propose group sessions, and groups can be created based on need or interest. 

Learning records and homework are provided.

£15 per student per 55-minute group session

Intensive, themed sessions at key points throughout the year

Fun, focused, stand-alone workshops give students the opportunity to prepare for important events in their educational lives. Whether it's busting SATs worries, conquering a particular GCSE paper, navigating the transition between Years 6 and 7, or mastering Non-Verbal Reasoning, students will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence, equipped with top tips and ready-to-use strategies. 

Pricing as advertised - see updates on website and social media

Arty, crafty, creative activities for everyone

The Study Room becomes a hub for the crafty once each month. Join us for seasonal making activities and snacks around the table. Young crafters and their grown-ups can learn new techniques, develop their own personal style, express themselves artistically, and meet others who want to do the same. 

Activities may come with an advised age range or difficulty level, but all activities can be adapted. 

Pricing as advertised - see updates on website and social media


We will always do our best to accommodate requests outside of the times and sessions specified on the timetable. Call, email or message us to find out how we can help. 

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